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  • Parliament passed the law, which makes irreversible decision of the NBU on the nationalization (liquidation) of banks
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 13 May 2020 13:15

    Today at the extraordinary session, the Parliament of Ukraine has passed in the second reading and in general the Draft Law on Amendments to Legislative Acts of Ukraine to Improve Specific Mechanisms for Banking Regulation (Draft Law 2571-д).

    The adoption of the law is the last prior action needed for submission of the new Program to the IMF Board of Directors.

    Provisions of the law are aimed, in particular, at improving the legal regulations that determine the peculiarities of court proceedings in cases of withdrawal of banks from the market. The law improves the legal regulations that determine the updated mechanisms of withdrawal of banks from the market, which are aimed at improving the procedure for liquidation of banks and damage compensation, as well as improving the mechanisms of possible state participation in the withdrawal of the bank from the market.