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  • Government approved the Regulations on the Unified State Digital Education Portal "Diia. Digital Education"
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 11 March 2021 09:38

    It is aimed to improve the access of individuals and legal entities to digital education and digital literacy training, realize the right of everyone to education, its accessibility by distance learning via the Internet, the development of digital competencies.

    The result of the act will be a qualitative transformation of the labor market and the society as a whole in the direction of human capital development, optimization and improvement of adult education and increasing the security of citizens in the information society.

    On March 10, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to approve the Regulations on the Unified State Digital Education Portal "Diia. Digital Education", which defines the purpose, main tasks, functionality and subjects of the web portal, the content of the information contained therein, and other issues.

    The main tasks of the portal "Diia. Digital Education" are as follows:

    • providing access to educational materials;
    • ensuring digital literacy of people of all ages;
    • providing testing, in particular testing the level of digital literacy;
    • ensuring the receipt of electronic documents confirming training;
    • formation of an individual list of educational materials;
    • display of news and research results in the field of education;
    • dissemination of digitalization ideas, information about the latest digital technologies;
    • providing information about enterprises, institutions, organizations that can provide access to digital education (digital education centers);
    • use of methods and mechanisms to improve learning results;
    • protection of data (including personal) posted on the web portal of digital education from unauthorized access, destruction, modification.

    The technical administrator of the portal is the state enterprise "Diia", which belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

    Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers ordered the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure the development of regulations to settle the procedure for filling the Unified State Digital Education Portal "Diia. Digital Education" in the part of the web-platform of distance learning "All-Ukrainian online school" with educational materials necessary for distance education.