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  • Government approved the Strategy for the revival of Ukrainian aircraft construction up to 2022
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 10 May 2018 13:00

    May 10, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, has approved a Strategy for the revival of aircraft construction in Ukraine up to 2022.

    The Strategy is aimed to restore the sustainable development of the aircraft industry and ensure the profitability of high-tech aviation engineering in Ukraine.

    "Ukraine is in the top countries of the world to possess a full cycle of aircraft hardware engineering and production. Meanwhile, these days we are witnessing a decline in production and employment in aircraft construction companies. The aviation industry is excessively dependent on Russian countracting agents. We must change it", said Stepan Kubiv, First Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

    Among the solutions contained in the Strategy for the Revival of aircraft construction are:

    • optimization and modernization of production of Antonov An aircrafts,

    • modernization and production of Mi helicopters,

    • import substitution of spare parts manufactured in the Russian Federation,

    • structural reform of enterprises in the field of aircraft engineering.

    "As a result of implementaation of the Strategy, we would have chance not just to increase the volume of airplanes and helicopters for domestic needs, but also to preserve at least 60,000 jobs for specialists in the aircraft industry," Stepan Kubiv emphasized.

    Apart from that, as a result of the Strategy implementation it is expected:

    • development of new models of cargo planes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as modernization of existing models of passenger and transport aircraft and helicopters,

    • improving the quality of aircraft hardware production to approach to the level of the best global analogues, as well as introduction of international certification systems for products,

    • enlarging cooperation between the public and private sectors, creation of favorable conditions for attracting investments in aircraft construction sector.