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  • Government has passed a resolution to raise EUR 6 million for nuclear safety
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 28 September 2020 12:47

    On September 28, at an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a draft order providing for the development of a legal basis for concluding an agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission in the field of nuclear safety.

    The draft act proposes to approve the draft Agreement on the financing of the annual program of actions for cooperation in the field of nuclear safety between the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission, acting on behalf of the European Union.

    The draft Agreement provides for the implementation of a project with a budget of EUR 6.6 million (EU contribution – EUR 5.9 million), which consists of two parts: the integration of culture of safety and operational efficiency in the field of radioactive waste management in Ukraine and support for an integrated automated system radiation monitoring, covering the entire territory of Ukraine. The beneficiary of the project is the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management.

    Under the Agreement, the creation of an automated radiation monitoring system will be achieved by integrating existing on-site monitoring systems into a single system and by upgrading obsolete equipment, observation posts and creating of effective information exchange procedures. Appropriate steps will help expand the capacity to respond to radiological risks in Ukraine and provide early warning to European countries about respective risks.

    It is noted that the signing of the Agreement will contribute to the improvement of safe management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, as well as environmental rehabilitation of former nuclear facilities.