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  • Government approved changes to the resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the boundaries of the waters of 5 seaports
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 20 January 2021 14:20

    Today, January 20, at its meeting, the Government has approved a number of amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers' resolutions on the boundaries of the seaports Belgorod-Dnistrovsky, Skadovsk, Mariupol, Pivdenny and Berdyansk. The endorsed changes bring the current terminology in line with the Water Code of Ukraine and the Law "On Seaports of Ukraine". This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii.

    "The Law "On Seaports of Ukraine" establishes that a seaport is limited with boundaries territory and water area equipped for servicing ships and passengers, carrying out cargo, transport and forwarding works, as well as other related economic activities. With today's decision of the Government, we have brought the current terminology in line with this law and the Water Code of Ukraine, which will allow the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration to properly maintain and ensure the efficient use of the aforesaid state property," Vladyslav Kryklii explained.

    According to him, it will also allow to provide services to vessels on approaching and directly in the seaport for their safe navigation, maneuvering and berthing.

    In addition, the changes approved by the Government provide for the establishment of the actual boundaries in the seaport of Pivdenny.


    According to the Law of Ukraine "On Seaports of Ukraine", the boundaries of seaports are determined and changed by the Cabinet of Ministers without violating the boundaries of adjacent sea fishing ports and river ports.

    Allocation of the seaport area (provision for use) to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration (USPA) is carried out on the basis of a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in accordance with the law.