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  • Government approves EUR 100 million from the Council of Europe Development Bank for compensation for destroyed housing

    The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a EUR 100 million loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank to compensate for destroyed housing.

    The loan funds will be used for the project "HOME: Compensation for Destroyed Housing" project. It is being implemented by the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development as a follow-up to the state programme of compensation for destroyed housing through the issuance of housing certificates.

    Since August 2023, Ukrainian citizens whose homes were destroyed in the hostilities have been eligible to receive a housing certificate to purchase a new property. During this time, Ukrainians have filed 14,400 applications for compensation, 7,200 have received certificates, and 2,900 have used certificates to buy homes.

    The housing certificate is valid for 5 years. It can be used to buy an apartment, house or invest in future property. To do this, you need to book funds through the Diia app. If the funds are available on a special account opened for the programme, the person receives a confirmation within 5 days and has 30 days to conclude a housing purchase and sale agreement.

    If the funds on the account are exhausted, the application is placed in the electronic queue until the next tranche is credited. Two factors affect the place in the queue: the availability of a preferential category and the time of submission of the reservation application.

    Military personnel, people with disabilities and large families are the first in line. This priority right is guaranteed to them by law.

    Then the order in the queue is determined automatically depending on the time of submitting an application.

    The first person to apply for a reservation has a priority in the queue.

    Please note that it is impossible to interfere with the electronic queue and change a person's place. This safeguard was deliberately put in place to avoid possible abuse.

    As funds are transferred to the special account, citizens who have a priority place in the queue will receive a notification of successful reservation. They will then be able to use their housing certificates and purchase new homes.

    The funds raised will help finance the realisation of more than 2,000 housing certificates.