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  • Government approves signing of agreement with EU to finance recovery and reforms
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 01 November 2023 12:36

    The Government of Ukraine has approved the signing of the Agreement with the European Commission on financing the EU Support for Recovery and Reforms by Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna. The total amount of funding under the agreement will be EUR 335 million.

    The assistance under the agreement will be provided in five priority areas, namely:

    a resilient, sustainable and integrated economy, to finance the following measures:

    • improving connectivity infrastructure (in transport and energy) and the efficiency of transport services to create a stable, multimodal and intelligent transport system and facilitate a green transition
    • creating a favourable business environment and competitive markets, supporting sectors of the economy that create added value and jobs, including the green and blue economy;

    accountable institutions, rule of law and security, to finance the following measures:

    • increasing the overall efficiency of Ukraine’s public administration system, including ensuring citizens’ access to administrative and social services;
    • strengthening the rule of law and reducing corruption;
    • strengthening the multi-level governance system by continuing the decentralisation reform;
    • ensuring the security of the population of Ukraine by achieving the goals of the state policy in the field of integrated border management;

    environmental protection and climate change resilience, to finance the following measures:

    • strengthening the investment climate and promoting investment in sustainable economic growth by supporting the green transition, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and improving energy efficiency;
    • promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, reducing pollution and conserving biodiversity;

    sustainable digital transformation, to finance the following measures:

    • support for digital transformation and innovation;
    • countering hybrid threats;

    sustainable, gender-equal, fair and inclusive society, to finance the following measures:

    • supporting the victims of the russian military aggression and vulnerable regions through social and economic recovery and enhanced security, including through mine action to protect civilians and increase Ukraine’s capacity to address risks from mines and other explosive hazards;
    • supporting the resilience of the Ukrainian information space by strengthening the resilience of independent media;
    • improving border security through the integrated border management system.

    The funding of all activities is aimed at achieving the following results:

    • repair or restoration of residential and important economic facilities, critical municipal, transport and energy infrastructure damaged by the military aggression of the russian federation, reconstruction of damaged buildings;
    • increasing the resilience, strengthening the institutional and administrative capacity of Ukrainian government agencies to coordinate and implement reforms and provide services to Ukrainian citizens;
    • strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations to participate in the response to the consequences of the war, in the implementation of reforms, in the provision of services to citizens and in recovery, in the promotion of human rights and gender equality, the rights of national minorities, diversity and social cohesion of Ukrainian society, and in strengthening support for the media;
    • strengthening the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes initiative;
    • strengthening food security and improving the uninterrupted production of agricultural and food products by small farms of up to 120 hectares and other producers;
    • increasing the resilience and capacity of Ukrainian citizens to withstand the consequences of the military aggression of the russian federation.

    The agreement does not provide for direct financial support for the State Budget of Ukraine.