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  • Ukraine and the European Union start a new macro-financial assistance program totaling €1 billion - a meeting of Prime Minister and Vice-President of the European Commission
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 14 September 2018 10:45

    Ukraine and the European Union will start the fourth Macro-Financial Assistance programe of €1 billion. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the course of the meeting with Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis. The  EU's top official is visiting Ukraine to take part in the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on a  macro-financial assistance of €1 billion. The idea of the program was discussed during the Prime Minister's visit to Brussels in May this year. The European Parliament voted for providing further macro-financial assistance to Ukraine in June.

    The Head of Government stressed that Ukraine considers implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement  as a striking landmark for changes in the country and continues pursuing reforms that will allow to move closer to the European standards in all spheres.

    "We feel the support, "Volodymyr Groysman said. "The implementation of the tasks enshrined in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is incredibly important for us. We are continuing structural changes that also allow us to come closer to the EU standards".

    "I am happy  to be in Kyiv to discuss our joint work, our steps to deepen cooperation. We sign an agreement today (on macro-financial assistance), and I would like to emphasize that Ukraine demonstates great progress on the reform path", Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis said.

    The sides emphasized that the macro-financial assistance program is an integral part of the cooperation policy. "We are glad to  see a growing trade tendency with the EU,  we are open for investment, and feel the interest to Ukraine," the Prime Minister noted. "Our task is to create a favorable investment climate and doing business conditions, so that each investment is protected and successful".


    The Memorandum of understanding on the fourth macro-financial assistance defines a list of measures seeking to implement structural reforms in the public financial management. Moreover, this is about good governance and fight against corruption, sectoral reforms, social policy and management in state-owned companies.