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  • Ukraine together with international partners will reform the coal industry
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 07 August 2020 12:53

    European states and international financial organizations can take part in projects to be implemented in the framework of the reform of the coal industry and the transformation of the coal regions of Ukraine.

    This issue was discussed during a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development and the Verkhovna Rada with international partners, which took place at the Ministry of Energy.

    The parties discussed areas and prospects of cooperation in the reforming of the coal industry and the transformation of the coal regions of Ukraine.

    Olha Buslavets said that now the team of the Ministry is completing the preparation of the Concept and action plan for reforming state-owned enterprises of the coal industry.

    She stressed that measures will be taken to address the urgent economic and social problems of the industry that will arise in the process of transformation.

    "The consequences can be mitigated through a comprehensive approach to the issue, in particular, using the model of fair transformation of coal regions," the acting Minister stressed and added that the experience of European countries that have successfully implemented the reform is very important for Ukraine.

    The Ministry of Energy is currently researching the needs of the market for thermal coal and is finalizing a methodology for dividing mines into several categories. Depending on that, the prospects for the future of coal mining companies will be assessed.

    Meanwhile, the Ministry is working on a pilot project for the transformation of two monocities - in the east and in the west of Ukraine. International partners have expressed interest in this project and expect from the Ukrainian side specific proposals on cities and the criteria for their selection.

    "I believe that the combination of international technical assistance with investment and budget financing is the best option for our cooperation," concluded Olha Buslavets.

    It should be noted that the head of the Ministry has repeatedly stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to the transformation of Ukraine's coal regions, taking into account economic, environmental and social aspects. The transformation will provide an opportunity to develop other production, create new jobs and retrain employees of coal mining companies and more.