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  • Ukraine extends two Cooperation Agreements with the United States
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 05 June 2019 14:33

    On June 5, the Government approved a decision proposed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to extend the effect of two agreements between Ukraine and the United States until 2025.

    The aforesaid Agreements are an important tool for providing Ukraine with legal, technical and financial assistance from the United States aimed at strengthening democratic governance, prolonging the fight against corruption, conducting reforms in the system of justice, decentralization, human rights protection, as well as support for the economic development of our country.

    Since 2014 within the framework of the Agreements, the U.S. government has directed over $200 million to support the priority sectors of Ukraine's development.

    In particular, within the scope of the Agreement on Promotion of Transparent Governance Processes with Broad Public Participation, the US Government has allocated over $62 million.

    The funds were invested in the implementation of projects in the following areas: improving the legislative environment in line with European standards, including anti-corruption and electoral legislation, increasing the accountability of the Government of Ukraine and observance of the rule of law.

    Within the Sustainable Economic Development Agreement on a broad public basis, the U.S. Government has allocated over $139 million to implement the projects designed to increase the availability of investment for the needs of the middle class, strengthen the private sector's economy potential, improve the level of Ukraine's energy security, and enhance agricultural production volumes as a result of reforms.

    The extending of the effect of the aforesaid Agreements will enable to identify new areas of assistance by 2025, in particular: the development of cybersecurity, anti-corruption activities, financial sector reform, the development of a competitive economy, the fight against trafficking in people, the development and strengthening democracy in Ukraine.