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  • Ministry for Communities and Territories Development: Ukraine must introduce European directives on energy efficiency in national laws
    Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, posted 12 August 2021 10:43

    Due to the agreement with the European Investment Bank, Ukraine should receive about UAH 10 billion to reduce energy consumption in public buildings. These funds will be a powerful tool for comprehensive thermal modernization in about a thousand kindergartens, hospitals and schools. Director-General of the Energy Efficiency Directorate for Communities and Territories Development Dmytro Petrunin emphasized in his article for the "Interfax. Energy Reform" portal.

    "Ukraine has an extremely energy-intensive economy, which is difficult to compete with in the world. The condition of housing and communal services cannot be called modern, as energy consumption in buildings is, on average, three times higher than the norm. Because of that, we lose billions every year… We have an example: Germany loses 32% of energy in the central heating system at the stage of production and distribution, and Ukraine - 59%, which is almost twice as much," said Dmytro Petrunin.

    He also noted that now it is necessary to focus on reducing energy consumption, using the experience of European countries.

    "Ukraine must introduce European directives on energy efficiency. The implementation of Article 14 "Promoting efficiency in heating and cooling" of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community will attract an additional investment of more than EUR 6 billion," said Dmytro Petrunin.

    Meanwhile, according to him, the combination of Ukrainian and European legislation creates clear and transparent mechanisms for foreign partners, revealing to investors the prospects for cooperation on energy modernization of the Ukrainian economy.

    We will remind, earlier the Minister for Communities and Territories Development Oleksiy Chernyshov reported that energy efficiency of buildings - one of the priority directions of the European green course.