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  • Ukraine is passing through the heating season steadily, no deficit in the power system is observed, says German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 20 January 2024 17:23

    Ukraine has passed the first half of the heating season smoothly and has enough resources to complete it successfully. This was emphasised by the Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko on the air of the Yudyni Novyny (United News) national telethon.

    "We have full control over the system. We have all the resources for this - gas, coal and nuclear fuel reserves, as well as in terms of the preparation of generation and transmission facilities. That is why we are consistently passing the autumn-winter period," the Minister said.

    The Minister of Energy stressed that there was no shortage of capacity in the power system, and in case of emergencies, there was an opportunity to import electricity from abroad, in particular to meet the needs of industry.

    The Minister explained that covering consumption needs with internal reserves was not considered a deficit: "A deficit is when internal capacities are insufficient to generate the electricity consumed in a particular hour. Accordingly, if we say that we need to use more hydropower generation, it is absolutely incorrect to call the situation a deficit, because hydropower generation is domestic generation that produces electricity within the country."

    German Galushchenko stressed that last year's repair campaign, which had been the largest in the history of Ukraine, had helped to ensure stable operation of the system during the winter season.

    "Thanks to this, we added 2.2 GW to the system - this is what was damaged. And the result of this campaign is that there are no outages," he explained.

    The Minister once again stressed that only massive enemy shelling of energy infrastructure or natural disasters can affect the system and cause temporary power outages.

    At the same time, the Ministry of Energy urges citizens to conserve electricity, especially during peak hours, to help maintain the stability of the power system.