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  • Ukraine and UK delegations hold talks in Kyiv
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 17 September 2018 17:17

    Ukrainian and British delegations have held talks in Kyiv. The parties discussed the global and European security situation, as well as threats the two countries are facing, issues related to reforms of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Ukraine, defence technical and defence cooperation between the Ukrainian and UK Defence Ministries.

    General Poltorak stressed the importance of the UK assistance to Ukraine to defend its borders, state and develop democratic society.

    According to Stepan Poltorak, the parties remarked the necessity to develop military political dialog at the level of defence ministers and delegations of defence ministries, as well as further development of defence technical and defence cooperation.

    "We have discussed the possibility of further cooperation in course training, establishment of close cooperation between the defence industries of the two countries, as well as increase advisory support to develop capabilities of the Ukrainian army, particularly, command and control system, defence planning", he said.

    The parties also focused on discussion of issues related to development of bilateral cooperation in the development of the military infrastructure in Ukraine.

    "Our meeting was constructive and prospective, as we have made landmarks and defined priorities. In November, upon invitation of  my colleague, I am going to visit London where we will discuss once again all these issues in details", Stepan Poltorak underscored.