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  • In 2020, international veterinary certificates will be issued through an electronic system

    Under the World Bank program, the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection plans to start the implementation of the project on issuing international veterinary certificates in 2020.

    Olha Shevchenko, acting chairman of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection announced during a press conference dedicated to the presentation of an electronic system for issuing veterinary documents and providing administrative services the Unified State Register of Veterinary Documents.

    The official explained that would allow for business to save the time and money spent on the processing of such documents: “Often our business is faced with the fact that with technical errors in the documents, very often the vehicles with cargo aren’t allowed customs clearance and returned back. In addition, some countries require certificates to be translated into their official languages, making it much more difficult to do business and envisaging spending extra money.”

    From next year, she noted, the issuance of international veterinary documents would take place through an electronic system, which, in particular, would provide for the possibility of translation into different languages for those countries that demand that. “This will, of course, require resources on our part to constantly monitor the legislation of other countries, but we are ready to do that for the system to operate. Because that promotes the country’s image,” said the acting chair of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

    In turn, the director of the State Enterprise "Agency of Animal Identification and Registration" Ihor Klymenok said that the plans of the State Consumer Services for de-digitization are not limited to the abovementioned.

    “In 2020 E-cabinets for business entities dealing with livestock breeding will be set up. The idea is to have all the documents functioning in one system. This will simplify the procedure of issuing the documents. If the business entity can fill in the information pages independently, it will reduce the time of filling the relevant graphs by the inspectors of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection,” said Ihor Klymenok.

    According to him, any registered business entity through the personal account will have access to all databases. That will ensure transparency, simplify the analysis of work and speed up decision making, and will also enable saving money.

    “It is enough to fill one application through the personal cabinet so that the inspector understands what cargo will be sent. That will allow faster and better processing of all veterinary documents,” explained Ihor Klymenok.

    Moreover, he noted that information from all sources that are available and are to be created in the future will be accumulated in the personal cabinet: the Unified State Register of Animals, the Unified State Register of Veterinary Documents, the inspection system and the veterinary control system.