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  • Vladyslav Kryklii: In 2019 seaports of Ukraine handled over 1 mn TEU containers
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 03 January 2020 10:21

    The year of 2019 ended with a record in the maritime industry - over 1 million TEUs of container cargo had been handled in Ukrainian ports. During 2019 container transportation had increased by almost 20%, said Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii.

    According to the real-time data provided by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), one million and three and a half thousand TEU containers were transported in ports for the whole 2019 (TEU is a unit of the capacity of a container ship, a container terminal based on a 20-foot equivalent (6.1 meters) intermodal ISO container). For the second consecutive year, the transshipment of container cargoes in Ukraine shows a significant increase, which is several times higher than the average world indices in the container shipping market.

    "We have recently launched an electronic invoice, and in 2020 we will launch other digital services that will allow businesses to increase the pace of cargo transportation. The plans for 2020 include a digital port together with the New Customs Service. We expect that further development of container transportation will be due to the transit of containers and the inclusion of Ukraine in the routes of China’s Silk Road and the Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia (TRASECA), through which the first cargoes began to be delivered in 2019," said Vladyslav Kryklii.

    Exports and imports of containers last year were almost evenly distributed with 48.6% and 46.8% respectively. The positive dynamics of exports is provided by increasing the containerization of food and light industry products (processing of agricultural raw materials - flour, wheat, peas; textiles). Imports of container cargo have traditionally been influenced by the strengthening of the hryvnia, thus making deliveries of food, machinery and electronics, construction materials and other goods from abroad more attractive.

    Container cargo transit still significantly falls behind in the volumes of imports and exports and amounts to only 46.4 thousand TEU. However, in 2019, it demonstrated impressive growth rates, being 42% as compared to the previous year.

    The leader of the container transshipment in Ukraine is the terminal of SE KTO in Odesa, followed by another terminal in the Brooklyn-Kiev Port Terminal in Odesa, TIS-CT in the Port of Yuzhny and Illichivsk Fishing Seaport in Chornomorsk.

    In 2019, 15 largest shipping companies, which accounted for 99.5% of the total volume of containers, were making entries to the seaports of Ukraine. In the top three - Maersk Line, CMA CGM, MSC, which provide more than half of the entire container market of Ukraine (53.5%).

    The ports of Ukraine are included in the routes of ocean services:

    1) Bosphorus Express Service (BEX) – a weekly Ocean Alliance service with entries to Odesa Sea Port;

    2) ZIM Med Pacific (ZMP) – a weekly ZIM service connecting Far East ports with entry into Odesa Sea Port;

    3) ECUMED - a weekly Maersk Line liner service connecting Latin America with entry into the Port of Yuzhny;

    4) Middle East (ME3) – a weekly Maersk Line liner service connecting Ukrainian ports with the countries of the Middle East.