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  • Head of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine Tetyana Slyuz elected as an administrator of the AIST
    State Treasury Service of Ukraine, posted 01 November 2018 09:34

    Within the framework of the annual symposium of the International Association of Treasury Services (AIST) a thematic seminar "Which tools to support decentralisation?"is being held.

    The meeting of the General Assembly with the participation of heads of delegations opended the third day of the symposium. In accordance with the agenda, important organizational issues were considered, in particular regarding the functioning of the association, changes that took place in the executive bodies of the association.

    The participants attached the greatest attention to the formation of a new strategy and vision of the future work of the AIST.

    In the course of the work, heads of delegations from different member countries of the Association expressed their views, opinions and suggestions.

    Finally, the issue of updating the positions of the administrators  of the AIST was considered. The Secretary-General offered one of the posts (administrator) to the Head of the Treasury Service of Ukraine Tetyana Slyuz. Representatives of Senegal, Madagascar and Ivory Coast were also elected as the administrators  of the AIST.

    In future, Ukraine will directly participate in defining the strategy of the international treasury community.