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  • Situation in the power system: electricity generation is sufficient to cover the needs of consumers
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 27 November 2023 11:45

    The situation in the power system as of November 27: electricity generation is sufficient to cover the needs of consumers, all outages are due to weather deterioration and military operations.

    Generation and consumption 

    A power unit at one of the thermal power plants has undergone a scheduled long-term repair and was put into operation. It will add an additional 100 MW of capacity to the power system.

    There is no shortage of electricity in the power system. There are no restrictions for consumers in any region. Power outages are recorded due to bad weather, hostilities or technological disruptions. In total, more than 2,500 settlements were without power for these reasons this morning.

    Also yesterday, from 13:00 to 15:00, the transmission system operator NPC Ukrenergo transferred surplus electricity to Poland in the total amount of 120 MWh.

    Two TPP units were put under emergency repair. However, this will not affect the overall situation with electricity generation.

    It is sufficient for consumers and industry, and the power system is balanced.

    Consequences of the shelling

    Three mines in Donetsk region were cut off from power due to shelling. More than 70 miners remained blocked.

    One of the thermal power plants near the frontline was also shelled.

    Condition of the power grids

    As a result of unfavorable weather conditions, Ukrenergo's 330 kW trunk lines were cut off. Emergency repair works are underway to eliminate the damage to the equipment. Over the past day, the interconnector with Moldova was disconnected several times.

    Situation at ZNPP

    The water level in the ZNPP cooling pond is 15.66 meters. This is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.

    Yesterday, as a result of a short circuit about 100 km north of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant seized by russians, the last (fourth) line of its connection to the Ukrainian power grid, the 750 kV ZNPP - Dniprovska line of the Zaporizhzhia NPP was disconnected. Three other lines had been damaged earlier during the russia's shelling.

    According to the IAEA, at that time, ZNPP was receiving external power from the only available 330 kV backup power line.

    In addition, there was a partial blackout of power unit No. 4 with the automatic switching on of a diesel generator, which was manually turned off 10 minutes later. This indicates a problem with the power supply to the nuclear facility.

    Ukrainian specialists repaired the damaged 750 kV line at 20:52. By this time, Zaporizhzhia NPP was on the verge of another blackout almost all day if the 330 kV backup line was de-energized.


    Electricity imports amounted to 1384 MWh over the past day, while exports amounted to 2414 MWh.