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  • Consumer prices have remained basically unchanged over recent months - State Statistics Service data
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 09 January 2019 17:50

    Price fluctuations, first of all, in food products are relatively insignificant despite the traditional and seasonal food prices rise in November and December.

    According to the data provided by State Statistics Service, consumer price inflation was 0.8 % in December as compared with November, and in November it amounted to 1.4 % as compared with October. Moreover, in November, food and soft drinks prices grew by 1.3%, fruit prices dropped by 4.5%, prices for  sugar, pork, eggs, poultry meat fallen by 1.7-0.4%. In December, the growth rate made up  1.8% mainly due to the increase in prices of vegetables. At the same time,  prices for rice, eggs, sugar, fruits and pork fell by 1.4-0.5%.

    Food prices increased by 7.5% as compared to November 2017. At the same time, the growth of real wages compared to November 2017 amounted to 11.4%. In absolute terms, the average wage index in November exceeded the minimum wage index by 2.5 times.