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  • Sergii Marchenko talks to Sky News Arabia about the results of the working visit to the IMF and WB Annual Meetings
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 16 October 2023 14:52

    In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergii Marchenko spoke about the results of the working visit to the IMF and WB Annual Meetings, cooperation with international partners and the global impact of russia’s war against Ukraine.

    “During the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in Morocco, I had very productive meetings with global financial leaders – chairing the IMF and WB plenary, participating in the Ministerial Roundtable in support of Ukraine, meetings of the G7 financial bloc, dozens of bilateral meetings with finance ministers and management of international financial institutions. One of the important focuses of the discussions was the ways to attract external financing for Ukraine’s urgent needs in 2024. Our partners assured us that they will continue to support us for as long as Ukraine needs it,” said Sergii Marchenko.

    The Minister of Finance noted that in the context of the armed aggression of the russian federation, the assistance of international partners plays a key role in maintaining financial stability. In 2023, external financing is rhythmic and stable, which allows for the timely and full execution of the State Budget. The importance of maintaining the projected financial assistance for the next year was emphasised.

    Sergii Marchenko added that the Government of Ukraine is making a lot of efforts to ensure the transparency in the use of donor funds and to fight corruption at all levels, which helps to reduce risks for partners and strengthen trust in Ukraine.

    In addition, the Minister of Finance noted that the russian aggression against Ukraine has a global impact:

    “The consequences of russia’s war are spreading all over the world, including an increase in the level of hunger due to the russian blockade of exports of grain and other agricultural products that should be sent to African countries. The solution to all these consequences, as well as possible global conflicts, lies in Ukraine. A proper response to russia’s aggression will not create precedents for other conflicts and wars in the world.”