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  • Serhii Savchuk: SAEE in synergy with SUEZ is working on incentives to produce energy from waste in Ukraine

    The necessary legislative amendments designed to stimulate the generation of energy from waste were tackled during the meeting of  the Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Serhii Savchuk with representatives of the French company SUEZ. Svitlana Kolomietz, co-founder of ReWaste, also took part in the meeting.

    "In our views, garbage is an important energy resource that is still not used to its full potential. In Ukraine, about 10 million tons of waste are collected annually. Due to its processing, you can generate both electric and thermal energy, and replace in an equivalent to 1 billion cubic meters of gas per year", Serhii Savchuk  stressed.

    Therefore, it is important to attract and stimulate enterprises: to build waste recycling plants; to produce heat and electricity from waste; to send garbage not to polygons, but to factories with further production of energy; and to use modern and quality logistics mechanisms for collecting and disposing of garbage.

    Representatives of the company confirmed their readiness to continue cooperation in this area, in particular, in the following areas: shaping a financial model for the construction of waste processing plants and elaboration of amendments to the legislation taking into account the experience of the world countries.