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  • Ruslan Strilets: Conservation areas in Ukraine should be developed under the same principles as in Europe and the United States

    Ukraine's nature conservation areas should be developed according to the same principles as those in Europe and the United States. At a time when the country is at war, this is even more urgent and important. Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ruslan Strilets emphasized this during a meeting with the team of the Slobozhansky National Nature Park in Kharkiv region.

    Thanks to the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the park was not affected by the war, although there was a threat. Only 10-20 kilometers from its borders, fierce fighting was going on. Instead, the park became a center of assistance for internally displaced persons.

    "Today, we talk a lot about the damage and restoration of war-affected protected areas. However, we are also focusing on the development of those territories that, thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the occupier's hand has not reached," noted Ruslan Strilets.

    Last year, Slobozhansky managed to receive about 800 visitors. However, this figure could be higher.

    Dozens of Slobozhansky's biodiversity are listed in the European Red List. There are preserved Scythian and Old Slavic mounds here.

    "Therefore, the development of research, environmental protection, and recreation - in each of these areas, we must set even more ambitious goals and achieve them. We have the necessary potential and support of international partners who are ready to share their experience, their specialists, take patronage of our parks, and help reform the industry. The extent to which we are able to realize these opportunities today will determine what kind of state we will live in in a few years and what we will leave as a legacy to our children," the Minister emphasized.