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  • EdTech development: Ukrainian startups took part in Bett UK 2024 in London for the first time
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 02 February 2024 14:29

    The Ukrainian delegation visited Bett UK 2024, the world’s largest exhibition of educational technologies. The event brought together more than 30,000 visitors from 120 countries. The delegation included 8 teams that presented their own EdTech startups.

    Among them are:

    • Amperia – a Ukrainian manufacturer of educational equipment, software and interactive textbooks;
    • BUKI – an international EdTech marketplace for finding tutors;
    • GIOS – an interactive AI platform for learning mathematics;
    • Nanit Robot – an EdTech solution for developing creativity and engineering skills;
    • Headway – an EdTech company that creates microlearning products and is included in the GSV 150 list of the world’s most influential companies in the transformation of digital learning and skills;
    • CASES – a social network and EdTech platform for the creative industries;
    • Elai.io – a text-to-video platform;
    • Sensorama – a company specialising in VR training. In 2023, it was ranked among the top five AR/VR companies in the world.

    In 3 days, Ukrainian companies held more than 230 meetings with representatives of governments, foundations, universities, schools, and kindergartens. In particular, they started negotiations with Oxford University, University of the Arts London, University of Liverpool, governments of Israel, India, and Poland.

    The startups also met with stakeholders, representatives of companies and governments, received feedback, and initiated negotiations with potential partners. Overall, the Ukrainian entrepreneurs gathered many useful contacts, including representatives of the governments of the UK, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, administrations of foreign educational institutions and international companies.

    The Ukrainian delegation held meetings with manufacturers and BigTech companies, including Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Google, Microsoft, Epson, and BenQ. Discussions focused on the supply of technical equipment and support for the adaptation of digital tools for teachers and educational institutions.

    In addition, a separate pitching session was organised by the Fund of the President of Ukraine, which was attended by five Ukrainian startups. They were given the opportunity to attract additional investment from leading UK funds.


    The Ukrainian delegation to Bett UK was organised jointly by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the national platform Diia.Osvita, the Ukrainian Startup Fund, the Fund of the President of Ukraine for the Support of Education, Science and Sports, and the YEP accelerator.