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  • Power sector repair campaign: 1.6 GW of capacity added to grid
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 20 October 2023 12:27

    A major repair campaign in the energy sector has already added 1.6 GW to the grid.

    This was announced by Minister of Energy German Galushchenko at a meeting with G7+ ambassadors.

    This figure has been achieved through the modernisation of thermal and hydroelectric generating units. Another 100 MW will be added in the near future.

    German Galushchenko drew the partners’ attention to the fact that Ukraine was facing a rather difficult autumn-winter period of 2023/2024, as since 10 October last year Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities had become one of the main targets of russian attacks, suffering more than 300 hits.

    “About 50% of the entire power system, including generation and transmission facilities, has been lost due to russian attacks. Unfortunately, some facilities were destroyed and are beyond repair. We have lost about 50% of the generating capacity that was available before the full-scale aggression,” said the head of the Ministry of Energy.

    In particular, 44% of nuclear capacity, 60% of thermal capacity, more than 70% of wind capacity and about 20% of solar capacity have been lost. The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, ZNPP, with a capacity of 6 GW, is still occupied by the russians, the Minister recalled.

    Aware of the challenges, Ukraine’s power engineers have carried out the largest repair campaign in the country’s history of independence.

    “We have already repaired 8 nuclear units. Another 1,000 MW unit is under repair. All nine units of NPPs controlled by Ukraine will operate at full capacity during the cold period. Nuclear power generation will bear the main load,” the Minister said.

    Work is also being carried out at thermal and hydroelectric power generating facilities.