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  • Issue of raising electricity tariffs is not currently under consideration: German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 28 March 2024 08:35

    The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine is not currently considering raising electricity tariffs for households. This was announced by Minister of Energy German Galushchenko on air of the Yedyni Novyny (United News) national telethon.

    "Tariffs were raised last year as a result of large-scale attacks on the energy sector. Without this decision, we would not have restored our energy sector and would not have gone through the winter the way we did - safely, smoothly and without blackouts," he said.

    However, according to the Minister, it is too early to talk about an increase.

    "We do not yet understand the scale of the damage (after the last massive attack - ed.), we have not made a full assessment of the damage and it is not clear what money is needed for reconstruction. That is why there are no projects or proposals to change the tariffs," added German Galushchenko.