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  • Accelerating the digitalization of Ukraine: Verkhovna Rada adopts draft law on the National Informatization Program
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 01 December 2022 20:21

    The Verkhovna Rada approved draft law No. 6241 “On the National Informatization Program” as a whole. 286 deputies voted in favor.

    According to the draft law, it will be possible to introduce digital technologies in public administration faster. This will have a positive impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies.

    Thanks to the National Informatization Program, state and local governments will be able to communicate with each other, make decisions and achieve results faster. And Ukrainians will get the necessary public services much quicker.

    In addition, the draft law aims to increase the level of cyber protection, which is especially important in times of war. Reliable cyber defense and counteraction to information threats from russia means protection of the digital economy and personal data of Ukrainians.

    The draft law will also help to overcome digital inequality in society by increasing the level of public access to technology and various opportunities, in particular in the economic, social, cultural and educational spheres.

    The law comes into force on March 1.