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  • Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Gov't session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 04 November 2022 16:13

    Good afternoon, distinguished colleagues, dear Ukrainians.

    I express gratitude to everyone who joined in the adoption of the state budget of Ukraine for 2023 in the Parliament - the Ministry of Finance, the Cabinet of Ministers, MPs.

    We did a great job rather fast and efficiently.

    While drafting the budget, we applied a moderately conservative macroeconomic forecast scenario. This includes a 3.2% GDP growth, a 28% inflation rate, the average annual dollar exchange rate is about UAH 42.

    The three most important priorities were clearly defined.

    The first is the army and security. We will direct 43% of all expenses to this domain which is over UAH 1 trillion. The 2023 budget will be a budget for Ukraine's victory in the fight against the aggressor.

    The second priority is social security, education and healthcare. In total, this makes up more than 30% of the expenditures section. The state will fully fulfill its social obligations to citizens.

    The third priority is reconstruction. We are creating a Fund for Liquidation of the Consequences of russia's Armed Aggression with a resource of UAH 35 billion — primarily for the reconstruction of facilities being of critical importance for people. Reconstruction also envisages new incentives for the economy and the private sector. Through the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, we are to direct UAH 16 billion to support businesses. We continue the "5-7-9" program, the eRobota, support for farmers, preferential mortgages, industrial parks as well as stimuli for large investment projects. We engage in rebuilding the country nowadays, so that to ensure the economy advances tomorrow.

    Next year's state budget will be half financed from country’s own resources. First of all, due to taxes and duties. We will cover the deficit of USD 38 billion with the help of our partners. In particular, the USA, the European Union and the IMF.

    During recent meetings in Berlin, we received assurances from the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, that the EU would disburse EUR 18 billion to Ukraine the following year in the form of macro-financial assistance. We also have progress in negotiations with the IMF. We expect to start a new major cooperation program in 2023.

    Another important task is comprehensive support for IDPs and residents of de-occupied territories.

    Starting February 24, almost 3.5 million internally displaced persons have been registered in Ukraine. The total number of IDPs registered in Ukraine amounts to 4.8 million. This corresponds to the population of several large regional centers. Our mission is to take care of these people, provide them with food, housing, and work.

    Since the onset of the full-out war, the Government has been forming food packages, which the local authorities distribute among the displaced and residents of the frontline communities. Today we are to endorse a decision allowing us to speed up the process of distributing such products. This will also make it possible to issue food packages as a matter of priority to those IDPs who are entitled to assistance from the State and international organizations. In addition, the state compensates bakers for the cost of producing bakery products at the expense of part of the products they process. Thus, businesses will have work while people will have bread in the frontline areas.

    From the reserve fund we shall allot more than UAH 34 million as compensation to state and communal institutions for the free accommodation of displaced persons. This will allow them to pay for communal services and further shelter IDPs. Currently, more than 2,000 institutions throughout Ukraine have opened their doors to 150,000 internally displaced persons. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the state has compensated them with more than UAH 459 million in costs for paying for communal services

    Another exchange of prisoners of war took place yesterday. Ukraine returned 107 of our defenders, including fighters from the Azovstal. Unfortunately, many Ukrainians still stay in the hands of the enemy. We work on their liberation every day. Social security of those who have already returned and relatives of those still in captivity is among our priorities as well. By Governmental decision, we redistribute expenditures and accumulate UAH 107.5 million for the payment of one-time cash assistance to those who returned from captivity.

    As for the passage of heating season. As of today, almost half of the objects throughout Ukraine are connected to heat. These are schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residential buildings. Most of those facilities are in Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia and Kharkiv regions. In Kyiv, 78% of buildings are currently with heating.

    We have a sufficient resource of gas. 14.5 billion cubic meters of gas had been accumulated in underground gas storages. Taking into account the expected deliveries from foreign partners, these volumes will be enough to get through the heating season.

    We are preparing for any scenarios. We stockpile energy generation equipment in case of emergencies. Yesterday, a coordination meeting was held with the systems of the UN and USAID. We were talking about gearing up for winter. We have already received 700 generators from donors. Another 900 are to be delivered in the near future

    Ensuring a stable passage of the heating season and providing people with electricity, water and gas is one of the essential objectives for the Government. In this regard we have an important personnel decision. Has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of JSC Naftogaz of Ukraine. We are facing unprecedented challenges. Mr. Chernyshov has a good grip of the company's problems and his responsibilities. First of all, to provide Ukraine with a gas resource during the heating season and in the post-heating season. Including at the expense of gas imports and the growth of domestic production volumes. Strength, energy, patience and constant professional approach to your business.

    Despite the ongoing war, the Government prolongs pursuing reforms. One of the core reforms is corporative. Today, taking into account an initiative of the newly appointed Chairman of the Naftogaz of Ukraine Board, with the support of relevant ministries and the nomination committee, we commission to launch a new competitive procedure for the selection and appointment of the Supervisory Board of the Naftogaz of Ukraine.

    The Government always stands ready to help and support all the steps aimed at protecting interests of the State.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a Gov't session