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  • Address of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at the Government session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 27 December 2022 16:05

    Good afternoon, dear colleagues, dear Ukrainians!

    We are standing on the threshold of the new year 2023. But today's challenges will remain with us in the near future.

    First of all, we are talking about energy sector. The number of emergency shutdowns is decreasing. This is possible thanks to the heroic work of our power engineers to restore damaged equipment, lower consumption on weekends and the absence of severe weather conditions.

    Today, on December 27, after emergency restoration works, 2 units of thermal power plants were returned to operate in the grid.

    The process of rehabilitation of infrastructure continues, the number of consumers who have their electricity supply at least partially restored is growing. A well-developed algorithm for the priority of consumers' power supply is in effect. In the first place - critical infrastructure, in the second - military-industrial complex, in the third - important production facilities, in the fourth - housing sector.

    We make sure that the blackouts are fair and their load is distributed evenly among all consumers.

    We understand that russia is preparing to resume attacks on the Ukrainian energy system. Therefore, we are in daily readiness for new massive attacks. It can happen at any time: today, tomorrow or even on New Year's Eve. I want to emphasize: if no shelling takes place, emergency shutdowns will not be applied during the New Year holidays.

    The enemy seeks not only to disable another substation or power line. First of all, it aims to sow fear and panic. But they will not succeed. We believe in ourselves, in our army, in our power engineers, in our partners. We will persevere, because we are united, strong and motivated to fight for our native land.

    In order to restore the power system as soon as possible, today we make a decision to simplify the construction of overhead power transmission lines and substations. For the period of martial law, we remove the requirement to conduct an environmental impact assessment for such facilities. This step is justified in the emergency conditions of a full-scale war waged by russia against Ukraine.


    This year, the state has fulfilled all its social obligations to Ukrainians. We have managed to do the almost impossible. Under extremely difficult conditions of hostilities, under occupation, during the shelling of peaceful towns and villages. We have allocated about UAH 800 billion for all social payments.

    We have accomplished all the increases planned for 2022. Indexation was carried out, in particular, military pensions were indexed for the first time. We are successfully implementing the program initiated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to support pensioners aged 80+. In October, people who turned 70 began to receive additional assistance. In total, pensions for over UAH 575 billion have been paid. In December alone, pensions for UAH 51.4 billion were transferred.

    We have established a system of centralized accrual of payments. This made it possible to pay allowances, subsidies and benefits to people who were in the territory of hostilities and under occupation. Thus, more than 5 million families were covered with payments.

    We continue social reform. Today, by the governmental decision, in pursuance of the law, we are terminating the activity of the Social Insurance Fund, merging it with the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Thereby we are making the mechanism of social support more operant and effective, adapted to the realities of today. We are systematically reducing unnecessary state expenditures.

    Also, for 2023, we are extending the transition period for the re-registration of assistance for children under guardianship and care, for children with disabilities, for persons with disabilities since childhood, for those who care for them. This is a necessary decision, because now many Ukrainians are abroad, some of them do not have access to electricity. Under such conditions, it is problematic to re-register the assistance. Therefore, we will postpone the procedure for later.


    These days marks 31 years since the death of the evil empire - the USSR. It was at the end of 1991 that the Union ceased to exist as a geopolitical reality. Its successor - the russian federation - usurped the seat at the UN Security Council. Bypassing the Charter of the Organization, russia's membership in the Security Council was imposed on the international community. Unfortunately, the community was silent then. Today we cannot remain silent.

    russia has been not a peacekeeping nation since long ago, and therefore does not meet the main criterion of the UN. It cynically abuses its veto in the Security Council. It blocks decisions that counteract its aggressive policy. Therefore, Ukraine rightfully raises the issue of expelling russia not only from the Security Council, but also from the UN.

    We call on the entire civilized world to stand in solidarity with our stance.

    We believe in the victory of the power of international law and exert all possible efforts for this!

    Thank you for your attention! Glory to Ukraine!

    Address of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at the Government session