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  • Statement by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at a Government's session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 12 October 2022 16:06

    Fellow Ukrainian citizens.

    For three consequtive days, the enemy has been launching missile strikes and using loitering munition against our civilian and energy infrastructure. This day alone, there were 8 shellings in three regions of Ukraine. A total of 128 shellings have been recorded in the last three days.

    As a result, more than two hundred different objects were damaged, including 28 energy infrastructure facilities. Strikes are inflicted on both generation and distribution of electricity. russian terrorist forces fired more than a hundred missiles and drones at Ukrainian cities, but thanks to the incredible work of our air defense, we have managed to avoid subtsantial damage.

    The Ukrainian power grid is operating as normal. We did not request for emergency aid from our European neighbors. We don’t experience a shortage of capacities. Right now, repair activities are underway. In general, electricity supply has been restored for almost 4,000 settlements and millions of consumers.

    We were prepared for the scenario that russia would try to destroy important infrastructure facilities - various response scenarios were developed. The necessary backup equipment has been purchased. Yet now, if necessary, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine provides mobile power plants for socially critical facilities in cities still suffering from a blackout.

    At the same time, we should all be prepared for temporary power outages. This is the reality of war. Where necessary, to avoid overloading of energy networks, electricity is turned off according to the schedule. We ask everyone to develop understanding in this situation.

    Let's not embellish the truth – the upcoming winter will be challenging. Therefore, we once again urge everyone to prepare carefully for winter. It is desirable that every family has a stock of necessary basic things: warm clothes, candles, flashlights, batteries. It is vital to get prepared in case electicity or heat disappears as a result of massive missile attacks.

    For our part, the Government in synergy with local authorities have accumulated a sufficient amount of energy resources, prepared networks, purchased additional equipment, and provide repairs to damaged infrastructure. The current readiness performance all across the country is 90%. Special warming centers for the population have also been prepared, and evacuation plans developed in case of impossibility to promptly restore critical infrastructure.

    Despite the sufficient amount of energy resources to get through this fall and winter, we urge you to save the resources to the largest extent possible. Today, I once again want to appeal to all Ukrainians with a call to reduce electricity consumption in the evening hours. It's not about sitting in the dark. It is only necessary to reduce the use of the most energy-intensive appliances. Minimize the use of electric stoves, electric kettles, electric tools, heaters and air conditioners, ovens and irons, microwave ovens, coffee makers, washing machines and dishwashers.

    We are grateful to all Ukrainians who deliberately reduced electricity consumption yesterday and the night before yesterday. The total saving was 10%. We also thank the heads of regions, heads of communities, who took a responsible approach to cutting power consumption in communities. In order to avoid planned electricity outages, it is necessary to achieve a deliberate reduction in electricity consumption from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. across Ukraine by 25%. Therefore, we are appealing to businesses to join conscious consumption in the mentioned period – from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and to turn off external electric light advertising and other energy-consuming devices. Such a responsible approach allows us to minimize the use of power cuts schedules.

    When the heating period starts, we urge everyone to switch to sustainable use of gas and coal. Indeed, it means the temperature in apartments will be reduced.The minimum permissible indoor temperature this winter will be 16 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature will be 18 degrees: This is a necessity and this is our contribution to the victory. After all, it depends on each of us how we will endure this winter.

    In parallel with this, the Government continues work on stabilizing the functioning of the gas and electricity markets. In particular, we suspended exporting electricity to the EU in order to balance our internal system.

    Pertaining to providing financial stability in the gas market, the Government shall endorse two resolutions today allowing us to resolve an issue of significant debts in the gas market. UAH 76 billion will be directed to the program to settle debts to natural gas market entities in line with the previously adopted special law, as well as in accordance with the agreement with the heads of cities and communities. Such a decision will enable all enterprises of the gas industry to continue their work and stably fulfill their obligations to all consumers.

    Tariffs are not increased either for gas, heating, or electricity. Subsidies remain and will be paid in full to all families who really need it today.

    It is important to understand that russian terrorists will try to use the cold as their weapon. In their sick imagination, Ukrainians sitting for several hours without electricity is a victory. They think that this way they will force us to surrender. This will never happen.

    Every object they destroyed, will be restored. We understand how to do it in each region. Repair teams of energy workers work 24/7. We thank the rescuers, doctors, energy workers, everyone who works day by day under any conditions for the benefit of Ukraine and Ukrainians.

    We prolong our work. We hold the line and believe in our victory.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at a Government's session