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  • Prime Minister: Starting May 22 the public transport will resume operation, starting 25 - kindergardens
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 May 2020 00:14

    As of May 22, Ukraine will transfer to the adaptive quarantine, which provides for a gradual relaxing of quarantine restrictions. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal on air of the program "Svoboda Slova" (Freedom of Speech) on the ICTV channel.

    "Starting May 22, the issue of transition to the second stage of quarantine will be considered, which includes easing of a number of restrictions. We will allow the operation of urban and suburban community transport, we will allow sports competitions without spectators, we will also allow the operation of hotels other than hostels, hovewer, restrictions for work of restaurants and swimming pools in hotels remain in place. It will also be allowed to hold services in churches with observing the distance between people 10 square meters from each other," said the Prime Minister.

    The Head of Government stressed that from May 25, the Government plans to allow the operation of kindergartens, as well as the subway in those cities where the epidemiological situation will be favourable. "We will work together with local authorities in this issue," Denys Shmyhal added.

    The PM explained that the adaptive quarantine model is a model when restrictions imposed at the state level are lifted, but the Government is working with local authorities to see if the epidemiological situation in the region meets the criteria of the Ministry of Health.

    "We have chosen three criteria: the availability of hospital beds, number of tests conducted and number of patients per 100,000 population. If these three parameters meet the established by the Ministry of Health, we can move on from one stage to another. As these three parameters are met, it will be possible to ease measures or on the contrary, to strengthen them in this or that region," the Prime Minister explained.

    According to him, the decision on the further course of quarantine will be made at a meeting of the Government on Wednesday. "This will be the second stage of relaxation of quarantine measures. The third stage, if the epidemiological situation is favourable, we can introduce from June 1," said Denys Shmyhal.

    The third stage of removal of quarantine restrictions, according to the Prime Minister, will include the start of educational activities, the opening of gyms and fitness centers (without swimming pools) and the resumption of interregional traffic. Air travel can be resumed in June as well. But this, in addition to the situation with the infection spread, also depends on the opening of air communication by other countries.

    Prime Minister: Starting May 22 the public transport will resume operation, starting 25 - kindergardens