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  • We are working for victory in synergy with all military and civil administrations, power departments, ministries, says Yulia Laputina
    Ministry for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, posted 01 March 2022 17:23

    Today, the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine work closely with military and civil administrations. This was announced by Minister for Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, member of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Yulia Laputina on the joint TV airtime "United News".

    "Issues of missing persons are also on the stake, that is, we perform a slightly unusual function, but we are fully in cooperation with all law enforcement agencies, with ministries dealing with humanitarian policy. We are working," the Minister stressed.

    Answering the question as to the assistance of Western countries in the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in the battles with the Russian aggressor, Yulia Laputina said: "European countries fully support us, talk about the possibility of assistance. We are currently working to create the conditions for such rehabilitation of our wounded soldiers. There is full cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, with hospitals, with local hospitals. Our territorial bodies coordinate this activity."

    The Minister also said that the vast majority of veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war today defend the country in various units of the security and defense sector.