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  • Yulia Sokolovska: One of the priorities of the Ministry of Social Policy in the coming years is to create conditions to ensure a decent and more fulfilling life for the seniors
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 01 October 2019 17:31

    The creating conditions to ensure a decent and more fulfilling life for the elderly, as well as to prepare them for old age - is one of the four priority areas of activity of the Ministry of Social Policy for the coming years. The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Yulia Sokolovska stated at an event dedicated to International Day of Older Persons marked on October 1.

    “Our mission is to do the groundwork to lay the basis for the active life of older people, to provide them with skilled care and decent pension. We need to stimulate the development of a network of social service providers for the elderly, to introduce the latest technologies in the care for such people, to raise the standards of geriatric homes and to promote the involvement of the elderly in different spheres of social life”, the Minister stressed.

    According to Yulia Sokolovska, old age should not be the cause of poverty and isolation. That is why the Ministry of Social Policy under her leadership will make every effort to increase the number of active elderly people in Ukraine.

    As a reminder, October 1 is the International Day of Older Persons. According to the recent statistics, there are now over 9.8 million people older 60 in Ukraine with 3.5 million males and 6.3 million females.