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  • Maxym Stepanov chaired an enlarged online meeting with the regions on overcoming COVID-19
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 07 November 2020 17:29

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine held a large-scale online conference with the regions on overcoming COVID-19, which gathered about 500 participants, including doctors from medical institutions providing care to patients with COVID-19, chiefs of staff, representatives of primary care centers of healthcare departments. On the agenda is the readiness of the medical system to provide assistance in the context of the rapid spread of coronavirus.

    "I believe everyone understands that the situation is extremely difficult. Therefore, all heads of medical institutions and health professionals must clearly understand how we organize further work together. After all, for people, for patients, it does not matter whose responsibility hospital - district, city or region. We need to provide hospital beds with oxygen systems, monitor strict compliance with the hospitalization algorithm and treatment standards, etc.," said Minister of Health Maxym Stepanov during the meeting.

    In particular, the Minister stressed that currently, the main task for the regions is to provide oxygen to up to 80% of hospital beds designated for the reception of patients with COVID. The relevant order was issued to the regions in August but has not yet been fully implemented.

    "But we are moving rapidly to the proper level of oxygen supply. To date, UAH 572 million has already been allocated for these needs. In addition, the Ministry of Health received an additional application from the regions for UAH 895 million. We are preparing a relevant decision of the Government on the allocation and transfer of these funds," said the Minister of Health.

    Separately, the Minister stressed on the importance of timely and complete implementation of the orders of the Ministry of Health by medical staff at all levels.

    "The situation is rather tense, so it is extremely important that the standards and protocols of the Ministry of Health are implemented timely and completely. We carefully monitor all sources of information, in particular, we study patient complaints. We see all those lists of medicines and checks of patients who are sometimes forced to buy medicines at their expense, starting with sodium chloride and syringes. I consider this unacceptable. After all, during the calculation of medical tariffs, all medical devices included in the national protocol for the provision of medical care at COVID-19 were taken into account," the Minister of Health emphasized.

    For her part, Deputy Minister Iryna Mykychak informed that according to the latest update of the health departments of regional state administrations, as of November 2, the total number of hospital beds is 238,882. Out of this number, 18% are for oncological, cardiac, cardiosurgical, neurosurgical, hematological, burn and maternity hospitals.

    "Therefore, in each region, we are identifying a critical bed stock that cannot be repurposed for COVID patients even under dramatic prognosis. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully work out a plan for the reorientation of hospitals, taking into account the specifics of each area. In particular, each Separate hospitals have been identified to continue to provide patients with emergency care. It is extremely important to organize hot meals for patients, and we ask you to take care of health workers, involving socially responsible business," said the Deputy Minister of Health.

    Separately, the participants of the meeting discussed the mobilization of physicians of various specialties, as well as employees of medical universities and colleges to work in hospitals.