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  • Pension Fund of Ukraine: As of January 16, UAH 31.3 billion allocated for pension payments
    Pension Fund of Ukraine, posted 17 January 2023 09:38

    As of January 16, the following funds have been allocated:

    • UAH 31.3 billion – for pension payments, including UAH 7.2 billion for the payment of pensions through JSC Ukrposhta (according to JSC Ukrposhta, as of January 15, 76.8% of the allocated amounts have been delivered), and UAH 24.1 billion for the payment of pensions through authorized banks (authorized banks have credited 100% of the allocated amounts to pensioners’ accounts);
    • UAH 3.9 billion – for the payment of housing subsidies and allowances for utilities, purchase of solid and liquid heating fuel and liquefied gas;
    • UAH 1,298.5 million – for insurance payments, including UAH 398.2 million for sick leave payments.

    In January, 410,000 services were provided to persons who applied to the Pension Fund of Ukraine.