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  • Winners of the competition for the selection of advisers on privatization for first 6 large enterprises will be announced on July 30-31, says Oleksandr Saienko
    Service of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, posted 30 July 2018 08:58

    July 30, 2018, the State Property Fund of Ukraine shall select, on a competitive basis, advisers on the privatization to first six objects from the list of large privatization, which was approved by the Government of Ukraine, said Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Oleksandr Saienko.

    According to him, those inlcude the following: PJSC Odessa Port Plant, PJSC President Hotel, PJSC Indar, PJSC United Mining and Chemical Company, State Enterprise Plant Electrotyazhmash and State Enterprise Krasnolymanska Coal Company.

    "Transparency in the activities of the working group, open actions with potential participants in the competition for the selection of advisers, during which all the comprehensive answers were provided, ensured participation in the competition of a number of powerful companies. It is these companies that will work to attract strategic investors. The fate of enterprises, to a certain extent, depends on the success of the advisers’ activities", said Olexandr Saienko.

    He stressed that the improvement of production perfromance, increase in profits of these enterprises would become an indicator of investment success.

    "We hope for a transparent competition and the victory of the strongest candidates. The next step, shortly thereafter, will be the announcement of the second wave of conpetitions for involving advisers to other companies from the list of "large privatization", summed up the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


    Competitions for the selection of advisers are carried out pursuant to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 10, 2018, No. 358-р, which approved the list of large-scale privatization objects of state property subject to privatization in 2018. The main goal of the advisers is to prepare an information package that will provide important data about the object of privatization. These materials shall meet international standards and be equally available to all interested parties. The most important objective of advisor is to contact a large number of potential investors and engage them in the auction.

    The privatization of the aforesaid enterprises will take place under the new Law of Ukraine "On Privatization of State and Communal Property" No. 2269-VII, which was adopted on January 18, 2018. The exception is the State Enterprise Krasnolymanska Coal Company which is subject to privatization under the Law of Ukraine "On the Features of Privatization of Coal Mining Companies".