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  • Pavlo Petrenko: We have introduced a number of initiatives to promote responsible parenting
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 18 March 2019 16:18

    The Ministry of Justice and the Government of Ukraine have identified as one of the essential objectives in their activities the care of our future - our children. We have already launched a number of initiatives to promote responsible parenting in the process of upbringing and provision of everything necessary for their life and health. This was announced by Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko in his blog on Tsenzor.NET.

    "One of the most successful projects we have is the initiative #No Child Left Behind and the enactment of two important packages of laws that greatly increased the responsibility for the failure to pay alimony. In particular, it was forbidden to go abroad, to drive a car, to use a weapon and to hunt. Such prohibitions were applied to over 130,000 Ukrainians", said the Minister.

    He reminded that there were imposed penal economic sanctions - from 20% to 50% of the amount of debt. During this time, 62,000 decisions were passed to impose fines on debtors who have arrears of spousal support payment for over a year. Of these, 1,100 resolutions have already been executed. Meanwhile, the sum worth UAH 17,000,000 has been collected for the benefit of children from irresponsible parents.

    In addition, community service, the payment for which was used to pay off debts to children, confiscation and sale of assets, as well as the restraint of liberty for up to two years, have become important stimuli to pay the spousal support y by the debtors.

    "As a result of these measures, alimony worth UAH 5,200,000 was paid in favor of half a million Ukrainian children since the launch of the initiative", said Pavlo Petrenko.

    "We have already introduced several initiatives to make responsible parenthood a norm for Ukrainians. In particular, a large-scale Government project Baby Box was launched. From September 1, 2018, to the end of the year, 95,018 children received such Baby Box. In January 2019 - almost 19,000 children. To improve the set of necessary things included in the Baby Box, the responses and suggestions from parents who have already received such assistance have been monitored and the contents of the Box have been changed. In particular, the size of children's belongings has been increased, the list has been supplemented with a duvet cover", said Pavlo Petrenko.

    Moreover, according to him, tax relief for conscientious parents was introduced. The estimated tax rebate is 18% of the actual amount paid. "Earlier, the discount included payments in institutions of professional and higher education. From now on, you can also get tax relief for paying for childcare in pre-school, extra-curricular and general secondary education."

    Another important initiative is Municipal Nanny. It is planned that the compensation will be paid in the amount of the subsistence minimum for children under the age of 6 established on January 1 of the corresponding year per each child who is provided with a nursing care service. From January 1, 2019, this amount is UAH 1,626.

    "What other initiatives do we propose to introduce together with colleagues from the Government and international partners? First of all, the project E-Malyatko, which envisages 9 services when submitting only one application", said the Minister of Justice.

    "Comfort, quality and accessibility are the main principles in the provision of services, which we will implement step by step so that Ukrainian families could be in charge of their time, instead of on bureaucratic procedures", added Pavlo Petrenko.