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  • Ostap Semerak: Ukraine has been active in establishing the rules of the Paris Agreement
    Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, posted 04 July 2018 19:32

    Ukraine remains a reliable international partner in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and continues to actively participate in the development of the Paris climate ‘rule book’, which will allow the document to be implemented in practice. This was stated by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak during the parliamentary hearings on the implementation of Ukraine's international instruments to reduce the impacts of climate change.

    He noted the progress of Ukraine over the past two years in the process of shaping a new climate policy. In particular, the Minister reminded that our State were among the countries in Europe who were first to ratify the Paris Agreement.

    "This allowed our country to become an active participant in the international negotiation process on ‘rule book’ and to engage in the formation of new market and non-market mechanisms of the new global agreement. I believe that for us the further participation in the implementation of the Paris Agreement will become a good upturn in the efforts to restructure the national economy and to introduce new standards of living. Ukraine remains a reliable partner in the implementation of this innovation document and has good support from international partners", said Ostap Semerak.

    Earlier, Ukraine has submitted its nationally-determined contribution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, which should not exceed 60% in 2030 against the level of greenhouse gas emissions in 1990.

    "Now we are reviewing these indicators and by 2020 we shall submit an updated nationally agreed contribution jointly with all the member states of the Paris Agreement", explained Ostap Semerak.

    The next step in Ukraine's implementation of the provisions of the Paris Agreement is the approval of the Strategy of Low Carbon Development by 2050. It will be the basis for Ukraine's transition to low carbon development, the use of innovative technologies and international financial resources.

    "A lot of work is ahead, but the success of its implementation is possible only by uniting the efforts of the Government, the Verkhovna Rada, local authorities, scientists, the public, business and every citizen", summed up the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.