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  • Olha Buslavets: European Green Deal is the incentive for Ukraine to become stronger
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 17 September 2020 14:30

    The European green course offers broad prospects for the efficient operation of many areas of the economy, including the energy sector.

    This was emphasized by acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets in a statement at the 11th European-Ukrainian Energy Day. This year it is dedicated to the topic "Recovery after Crisis: Is there still a "Green" Deal for Ukraine?"

    Ways to involve Ukraine in the European "green course" were discussed during the 6th meeting of the EU-Ukraine Association Council. The need for climate protection policy is also due to the obligations under the Paris Agreement.

    The key conditions for successful implementation of the course are systemic energy reform and improvement of strategic planning in the energy sector.

    "The Green Deal is an incentive for Ukraine to become stronger. During its implementation, it is critical to ensure safe, competitive and stable operation of the energy system by carrying out high-quality reform of the energy sector," said the acting Minister.

    At the same time, the implementation of the course, in particular, the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, diversification of energy sources, safe transit of energy carriers - are impossible without broad international cooperation based on long-term shared interests.

    "Ukraine and the EU have shared interests in the energy sector, so by integrating their energy markets, both the EU and Ukraine will have a synergistic positive effect, which will lead to an overall increase in energy security," said Olha Buslavets.

    One of the most important aspects of the green course is the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

    "Energy efficiency for Ukraine is not only the key to economic development, when the country reduces the consumption of energy resources and the population saves on utilities - but also to climate neutrality," said Olha Buslavets.

    The acting Ministry reminded that since the beginning of her term she had managed to unblock the work on the development of fundamental documents in the field of energy efficiency. The Ministry of Energy together with the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving have developed a basic bill "On Energy Efficiency". In addition, the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency for the period up to 2030 has been finalized.

    Olha Buslavets also spoke about the successful resolution of the crisis situation in the field of renewable energy.

    "Unlike other countries, Ukraine did not undertake a unilateral reduction of green tariffs, but reached a solution to this issue through lengthy negotiations with investors, finding compromises and concluding a Memorandum of Understanding. Those allowed to reduce the scale of challenges in the field of renewable energy and at the same time maintain partnerships with investors," said Olha Buslavets.

    Thus, in August this year, the level of settlements with producers of electricity from alternative sources increased significantly. 100% (UAH 3.4 billion) electricity was paid for in the first 20 days of August. At that, over the past few months, the share of payment was only 3-5%.

    Meanwhile, active work on the introduction of green auctions is underway, and changes have already been prepared to improve the procedure for holding them in accordance with the requirements of the new law.

    Director of the Energy Community Secretariat Janez Kopač noted the successful work of Olha Buslavets as the head of the Ministry. "Ms. Minister has been extremely successful, especially in managing this sector in such difficult times, guided by the principles of modernization of the industry and really progressing quite successfully," said Janez Kopač.