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  • Oleksandr Kubrakov: Seafarers' certification - the number of online applications has almost doubled in six months

    More than 18,000 seafarers have already taken advantage of the opportunity to apply. Since the service was launched last September, seafarers can now obtain qualification documents even while on a voyage.

    Key digital services have been available on the Diia portal for more than six months:

    • rank assignment,
    • confirmation of qualifications,
    • applying for an exam (in Ukraine and Poland),
    • filing a complaint in case of refusal to receive qualification documents.

    Each seafarer's online application is reviewed by the State Seafarers' Qualification Commission (SSQC) as part of the Shipping Administration. Members of the SSQC make decisions, and each of their actions is logged in the system. The system is designed in such a way that data on the officer processing the seafarer's application, as well as the status of the application processing, is available in real time, making the certification process as transparent as possible.

    The number of positive decisions of the SSQC is also growing, from 1,036 to 1,935. Compared to paper submissions, in recent months the SSQC has processed: 55% of applications submitted online and 45% of applications submitted by seafarers in paper form (in person, by post or through a representative).

    Currently, 70% of applications submitted online on the Diia portal have been approved. In total, the SSQC has made more than 10,000 positive decisions on the issuance of qualification documents to seafarers in 6 months.

    There is also a positive trend in submission of applications for qualification examinations (CES-test). Currently, 500 seafarers submit such applications online every month. Over 6 months, 2,666 seafarers who applied on the Diia portal were admitted by the SQCM to take the CES-test.

    The electronic services for seafarers on the Diia portal and the alignment of seafarers' certification standards with international requirements are being implemented by the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine and the Shipping Administration in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with the support of the USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project.