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  • Facilities of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine to be insulated with the help of ESCO-investors

    Serhii Savchuk, the Head of State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, and Ihor Verner, Head of the State Statistics Service, launched cooperation in the sector of energy service.

    The State Statistics Service of Ukraine had became one of the first authorities that expressed a desire to work with the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in this area, hence the parties concluded the relevant Memorandum.

    During the thematic seminar the participants considered all the details of conducting ESCO-tenders in the ProZorro system and concluding contracts.

    According to Serhii Savchuk, the key advantage of the energy service is attracting not budget funds, but private investment in energy-efficient projects.

    "At that, investors like none else will be directly interested in conducting works at a high level in order to obtain the maximum energy savings. This economy is a guarantee of the return of investments", said Serhii Savchuk.

    If we take into account existing ESCO projects, for example, in budget institutions, energy savings make up ranging 20% or more. Saved funds after the conclusion of contracts can be directed to further energy-efficient measures or other efficient projects.

    The participants of the workshop learned about the practical experience of implementation of ESCO-contracts from 5 ESCO-investors, who were among the pioneers to enter this market.