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  • It is necessary to speed up reforms in the field of cybersecurity of the energy sector of Ukraine, says Olha Buslavets
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 24 September 2020 14:58

    Ministry of Energy kicked off active work to create a cybersecurity system that will be effective amid modern conditions. acting Minister of Energy Olha Buslavets stated in opening remarks of an online conference meeting of the Working Group on the development of cyber protection of critical infrastructure of the energy sector of the Ministry of Energy.

    Today, representatives of the Ministry are discussing burning issues of cybersecurity with global producers- leaders in the field of cybersecurity and digital transformations, who are interested in cooperation in this area.

    "As the head of the Ministry of Energy, I want not only to maintain the vectors of cybersecurity reforms that have been launched in the industry but also to accelerate their implementation. The Ministry of Energy, as the central executive body responsible for security and, in particular, cybersecurity of energy infrastructure has embarked on active work to create a system that will become effective in modern conditions, "said Olha Buslavets.

    Ukraine has an approved Government strategy and adopted regulations that provide a general model for the development of sectoral cybersecurity systems in the country, as well as the latest European Union regulations and recommendations on cybersecurity measures in the energy sector, which are used as a basis for developing a conceptual vision.

    It should be noted that the Ministry of Energy set up an interdepartmental working group on cybersecurity of the critical infrastructure of the energy sector and approved a plan of short-term measures.

    In particular, a decision was made to establish a Project Office for sectoral coordination of the implementation of the initiative and the involvement of international technical assistance and it was decided to create a sectoral cybersecurity center for critical infrastructure of the energy sector of Ukraine.