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  • National Health Service of Ukraine is ready to sign contracts with 468 medical institutions in the ‘second wave’
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 06 August 2018 18:47

    During the 'second wave', the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHS) received 509 applications from communal and private primary healthcare institutions. 468 of them have been filled in in compliance with all the requirements. These institutions will soon receive a letter from the NHS about their intention to conclude a contract.

    The number of applications received is almost three times as large as those submitted in the ‘first wave’. At this time, the most active were institutions of Kharkiv, Lviv and Sumy regions. Also in this wave there are a lot of applications from institutions working in the mountainous villages of Zakarpattia.

    "I am impressed with the level of training of medical institutions. Many have previously become self-sufficient, received EDS and checked the validity of the license. And most importantly, they began to think differently - not as hired workers in the health care system, but as real managers. Healthcare sector is updated. The healthcare system is recovering. Heathcare reform is in effect", said Chairman of the National Health Service Oleh Petrenko.

    The contracts with medical institutions will be completed by August 15. Money will follow patients in these institutions in the fall - since October communal and private institutions that shall conclude contracts with the National Health Service in the ‘second wave’, will begin to receive funding according to the new model.