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  • A step closer to digital visa-free regime with EU: Verkhovna Rada adopts draft law on e-identification and e-trust services
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 01 December 2022 19:49

    The Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 6173 on mutual recognition of qualified electronic trust services and implementation of the European Union legislation in the field of electronic identification. 289 deputies voted in favor.

    The law will accelerate Ukraine’s integration into the EU Digital Single Market. National legislation in the field of electronic identification and electronic trust services will be as close as possible to European requirements. This will become the basis for future signing of an agreement between Ukraine and the EU on mutual recognition of electronic trust services. The EU has not made such an agreement with any third country.

    For Ukrainians residing in the EU countries and for Ukraine in general, the Law opens new opportunities in the field of electronic identification and electronic trust services:

    • possibility to obtain a qualified electronic signature remotely;
    • a wide range of e-identification tools of all levels of trust;
    • ability to use e-trust services even when their provider ceases to operate;
    • access to Ukrainian online services from abroad;
    • possibility to submit documents for obtaining an electronic signature at the notary and in the Administrative Service Centers;
    • data security in information systems that use e-identification tools according to European standards;
    • possibility to pass conformity assessment procedure in a foreign conformity assessment body;
    • legal basis for the recognition and use of digital identification wallets.

    This means that Ukraine will recognize the European Union’s QES. For its part, the EU will be able to temporarily recognize the Ukrainian qualified electronic signature as an advanced one before the conclusion of the Agreement with the EU, and then – as a qualified electronic signature. Also, electronic identification means will be recognized in Ukraine, as they differ from those already implemented in our country.

    This is an important step in building the digital future of Ukraine and obtaining a digital visa-free regime with the EU.