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  • Ministry of Education and Science to collaborate with UWC in the development of teaching material for Ukrainian schools abroad
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 07 June 2018 09:31

    In the state budget for 2018, the sum worth about UAH 2 million is planned for the development of materials for Ukrainian schools abroad, and for the Ministry of Education and Science it is critically important to use them efficiently. This was emphasized by the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych during a meeting with President of the Ukrainian World Congress Eugene Czolij.

    "We are finally focusing our attention and providing support to Ukrainian schools abroad. For the first time, the state will provide for full trips for teachers who will conduct an annual assessment and final state attestation for Ukrainian pupils abroad. We have also developed the standard of the Ukrainian language as a foreign language, which will become the basis for organizing and conducting the certification exam. In addition, we have particular amount of money - about UAH 2 million - for the development of educational materials for Ukrainian schools abroad, in particular Saturday schools. We are well aware that it is essential nowadays, but we are thinking about how to use money effectively and to create a really necessary resource", said Lilia Hrynevych.

    Eugene Czolij has confirmed that the pressing issue is that of providing material and access to Ukrainian educational materials for foreign schools.

    "We communicate with different Ukrainian communities all around the world. And those are even young communities, and they are interested in keeping their children in touch with Ukraine. First of all, they need access to the materials, and they are ready to print them for use. What kind of challenge exists is different situations for different children in one international community. After all, as a rule, it is about training different age children who have different levels of language proficiency. And here, especially with regards to Saturday and Sunday schools, individual approach is of paramout importance to enable a teacher to build the process of teaching through the use of necessary materials. And, by the way, a completely different situation is when we talk about children who are Ukrainian citizens and have recently moved abroad, where their parents work",- explained Oksana Vynnytska-Yusypovych, head of the World Coordinating Educational Council of the Ukrainian World Congress, which was also present at the meeting.

    As a result of communication, the parties agreed to cooperate with the Ukrainian World Congress in the development of educational materials for Ukrainian schools abroad. In addition, the meeting’s participants discussed the dissemination of information on the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of the Ukrainian people and the language article of the Law "On Education".