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  • Ministry of Justice collects evidence to bring russian war criminals to account
    Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, posted 11 April 2022 17:41

    Ministry of Justice collects evidence to bring Russian war criminals to justice. In particular, forensic experts from all over Ukraine were sent to Kyiv region to get evidence.

    In addition, forensic experts from other countries will be involved in gathering evidence so that this process rises in doubt.

    All materials that will enable us to identify the perpetrators, as well as what they did, will be provided not only to the International Criminal Court, but also to the partners of Ukraine in those jurisdictions where criminal proceedings have been instituted against the military of the russian federation in Ukraine. russia's war crimes are also being investigated within the framework of a joint investigative team created by a number of countries.

    Minister of Justice Denys Maliuska told during a telethon UARazom about the identification and punishment of those guilty of horrific crimes, as well as the collection of reparations from russia and assistance to those Ukrainians who have lost their homes.