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  • Ministry of Social Policy to procure goods and works at the expense of international donors through the Prozorro electronic procurement system
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 07 August 2023 11:39

    On August 4, 2023, the Government adopted a resolution enabling the procurement of goods and works at the expense of international donors through the Prozorro electronic procurement system.

    Since 2014, the Ministry of Social Policy has been implementing the project "Modernisation of the Social Support System of Ukraine". Until now, procurement of equipment and machinery for the social protection sector has been carried out under the project in accordance with the World Bank's rules.

    These rules are often unclear to Ukrainian businesses, and because procurement takes place outside the Prozorro system, there is little competition and a low percentage of successful bids.

    From now on, as part of the pilot project, which will run from August 1, 2023, to August 31, 2024, procurement procedures will be carried out through Prozorro, with Professional Procurement acting as the organiser of the bidding process.

    The pilot project will be jointly implemented by the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Economy. It will not only help save financial resources, but also increase competition and improve the efficiency of procurement. Thanks to the changes being introduced, businesses will have an opportunity to participate in the Prozorro bidding under familiar and understandable rules.

    In the course of the project, the Ministry of Economy and Professional Procurement SE will test in practice the mechanism of bidding under the World Bank rules in the Prozorro system and the operation of the new module Procurement at the Expense the Donors' Funds. This will help to create a centre of expertise in procurement according to World Bank rules and prepare for e-procurement for the recovery with funds from international partners.

    Payment for the services of Professional Procurement will be made only upon successful completion of the procurement procedure.