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  • Ministry of Finance: In 2023, over UAH 5 billion to be allocated for development of inclusive education
    Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, posted 05 January 2023 15:25

    The 2023 State Budget of Ukraine envisages UAH 5.4 billion for the development of inclusive education. These funds will provide affordable and quality education for people with special educational needs.

    The funds for the development of inclusive education are allocated as follows:

    • UAH 3.9 billion – pedagogical support for about 32,000 children with special educational needs. It concerns salaries with allowances for teacher assistants – specialists who ensure the organization of inclusive education for students;
    • UAH 1.2 billion – assessment of development of children with special educational needs. The funds are allocated to pay salaries with allowances for pedagogical staff of 674 inclusive resource centers;
    • UAH 0.3 billion – support for more than 45,000 children with special educational needs.

    At the same time, as of 01.12.2022, the balance of state budget subventions intended for the state support of persons with special educational needs on the accounts of local budgets amounted to UAH 0.4 billion.

    The legislation provides for the possibility of using such balances for additional psycho-pedagogical and remedial classes for persons with special educational needs.

    It is the duty of the state to implement a quality inclusive model of education by creating a special environment that would allow all children to be equal participants of the educational process in a single educational space based on their peculiarities, needs and capabilities.

    In the conditions of martial law, in order to provide quality inclusive education to children displaced from dangerous regions, the Government has regularized activities of special educational institutions by opening mixed classes for appropriate psychological and pedagogical services in special schools as well as educational and rehabilitation centers.

    “Every child with special educational needs is unique and deserves equal rights and opportunities. Therefore, the state is doing everything possible, even in the conditions of war, to support children with special educational needs and to increase the level of development of their abilities and create the necessary conditions for their education. Indeed, such children have the right to quality education, full participation in society and successful self-realization. At the same time, we believe that in the conditions of war, the Ministry of Education must ensure monitoring of quality and accessibility of such education to ensure mental and psychological development of such children, elimination of barriers in the education system, emotional support and implementation of an individual approach to every child,” Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Yermolychev commented.