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  • Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry ensures balancing of the grid for the benefit of consumers
    Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, posted 18 January 2019 14:44

    Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ihor Nasalyk during A Question Time for the Government focused on the sensitive topic of tariffs for electric energy. He noted that the price of electricity increased by only 5%, from UAH 1 to UAH 1.6, in spite of the economic and inflationary processes.

    "The Ministry, in synergy with the energy sector, carried out a colossal work, which concerns both the optimization of the market of united energy sector of Ukraine, technical and scientific tasks. And we have succeeded, most likely, contrary to economic indicators, it is practically impossible to change the value of the main indicator of the wholesale market price."

    Therefore, according to the Minister, all the theories that the energy industry workers plundered the consumer are groundless.

    The Minister compared the prices for electricity in different countries. Electricity prices for consumers in Ukraine are the lowest among European countries and post-Soviet countries. Industry and population pay at least times less than in other countries. "These are excellent conditions for the entry of capital to our country", said Ihor Nasalyk, noting that the cost of electricity in various industries is between 20 and 60 percent.

    "Starting from 2016, we annually increase electricity exports by 25%", the Minister said. At that, he reminded that back in 2015 we had imported 2.1 billion kWh of electricity from the Russian Federation. Are export operations beneficial for Ukraine?

    The Minister explained that Ukraine exports electricity at the wholesale market price, while this price allows holding subsidy certificates for the population, as well as provides investment projects of generating companies.