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  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade launched Official portal for international assistance coordination ProAID
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 04 April 2019 13:41

    On April 4, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade launched an Official portal for international assistance coordination ProAID. The portal contains full current information on international assistance projects in effect in Ukraine, their goals, initiators, donors and status of implementation.

    "Open data is an important characteristic of a modern transparent state. It is also an effective tool to combat corruption. During 2018, more than 600 international donor projects worth over $ 6 billion were implemented in Ukraine. This is significant funding, the effectiveness of which at least depends on the effective control of the public and all interested parties. The ProAID portal today opened a wide range of opportunities for that, raising the standards of transparency in public administration, reducing corruption risks while implementing donor assistance projects", said Maxym Nefiodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

    The ProAID portal is an international technical assistance information system, which is an updated version of the previous test model of the OpenAid portal. By now, the portal contains the largest updated database of international assistance projects and programs in Ukraine with full detailed information and project documentation on the current projects of the ITA (international technical assistance) and the progress of their implementation. It is assumed that the database of projects will be filled and updated on a constant basis, while ProAID portal supplemented by new features and data analysis tools.

    The portal allows any user to easily find and receive information about the ITA projects, using special filters by type of assistance and financing; regions; donors, executing parties, beneficiaries and recipients of the ITA projects; terms of the project effect. In addition, the portal allows you to get acquainted with the interactive analysis of international assistance in Ukraine.

    Among other things, the ProAID portal allows initiators and executing agencies to register new projects of the ITA, as well as to re-register them. To do this, you need to fill contact data of the project initiator, complete the relevant registration fields and attach the relevant project documentation. After these steps are finished, the portal will automatically form the registration card of the project. After that, the Administrator of the Department of State Investment Projects and Development Support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade should approve the project.

    The ProAID portal was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (RST Team), supported by the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), as well as by the IT Ukraine Association.