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  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources: For the first time in Ukraine, a National Forest Inventory will be conducted
    Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, posted 21 April 2021 15:42

    Today, the Government has made an important decision to conduct a national forest inventory and open data on that.

    Currently in Ukraine there is no relevant information about forests. The national inventory, as a system of sample-statistical surveys of the forest fund of Ukraine, will allow to obtain reliable data on forests, their quantity, quality and resource potential.

    "All European countries have long been conducting national forest inventories applying a 5-year cycle principle. This is the first time such a process has been introduced in Ukraine. Finally, the state will receive reliable information on the area of forests, real wood stocks, the amount of growth, sanitation, the amount of dead wood, the state of reforestation. These data are critical to making the right management decisions amid climate change. After all, the effectiveness of woodland management, forest protection and the formation of a strategic vision of forest development in the future depends on the availability of such data, thereby providing objective information about the current state and quality of Ukrainian forests," commented the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Roman Abramovskyy.

    How will the process of national forest inventory be carried out?

    • on the selected 18,000 hectares of forests, experts will collect more than 50 indicators that cover important environmental and economic characteristics of each tree;
    • sites will be inspected regularly over two 5-year cycles. This will allow to accurately record all the changes that occur in the forest;
    • as a result, more than 70 different reporting data will be prepared with generalized information on Ukraine's forests by regions.

    The decision of the Government was adopted in pursuance of the Law of Ukraine dated 02.06.2020 № 643-IX "On Amendments to the Forest Code of Ukraine regarding conducting of the national forest inventory".