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  • Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources: UNECE adopts resolution on restoring Ukraine and overcoming environmental consequences of russian aggression

    On April 18-19, the 70th session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) dedicated to the topic of digital and green transformations for sustainable development in Europe is taking place in Geneva. On April 18, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ruslan Strilets spoke online at the high-level segment. Deputy Minister for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalisation Serhiy Vlasenko is directly participating in the events of the 70th UNECE session.

    At the initiative of Ukraine and international partners, the countries participating in the 70th session supported the Resolution Economic and Social Effects of Russia's Aggression against Ukraine. Representatives of 40 countries out of 56 present at the session voted in favour of the resolution.

    The participants of the session condemned the russian aggression and complicity of Belarus, and reaffirmed previous UNECE decisions that the aggressor country cannot nominate its representatives to senior positions in the Commission and submit proposals for voting. The UNECE Secretariat will continue to assist Ukraine in restoring and overcoming the economic, environmental, infrastructure, energy and social consequences of russian aggression.

    "The achievement of the UNECE's main objective - to promote economic development and integration of Europe, to increase the level of European economic activity, to preserve and strengthen economic relations between countries in the region - has been seriously undermined by russia's targeted attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, human rights and humanitarian law violations, and illegal actions that have caused an unprecedented crisis of internally displaced persons and exacerbated the global food crisis. The devastating impact of russia's aggression is being experienced across Europe and around the world. We call on the UNECE member states to take a strong stand in support of the UN Charter and the principles of the Economic Commission of Europe, as well as to act against russia's violations of the Commission's mandate," said Deputy Minister Serhiy Vlasenko in his speech before the vote in favour of the resolution.